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Know More About Fish Finders- Garmin vs Lowrance

The market for fish finders is expanding at a very alarming rate. Many companies offering fish finder services are coming up placing customers at the end when selecting the best service provider. Fish finder companies are almost similar at a glance, but you will be shocked at their difference once you start digging inside.

For several years, Garmin and Lowrance have created a good reputation among themselves by selling quality fish finder to their customers. These two service providers have created a big mileage in technology development. Surprisingly it’s hard to distinguish who has surpassed the other in service provision.

In this article, we have researched on workability and differences of Garmin fish finder vs Lowrance fish finder. This forms our perception point in combination with different customers reviews that we have managed to reach.

Take time and have a look.

Garmin Fish Finder vs Lowrance Fish Finder - History Overview


Typically, Garmin started its operation in 1989 specializing in GPS technology. However, over several years they have expanded their technology to include other options. As we speak, they have simulated GPS technology with remote sensing (RS) technology in different innovative ways.

Even though their line of innovation in fish finding seems limited, they offer excellent quality fish finders. Their EchoMap and Striker series have a proper identity in especially on the quality of screen and features.


When fish finders are concerned, Lowrance is by far the oldest company. It started operating in 1957 as a Marine technology fish finder. Since its inception in the industry, Lowrance has created a reputation among fish finders and the sonar units. Lowrance is a brand that any person seeking the service of fish finder will never fail to think about.

For Lowrance to stand competition over the years they have been in operation; they have tried to adopt side imaging and down imaging technology. Ideally, these two technologies are the StructureScan that scans both the side and the down area when taking images. Further, Lowrance was the first fish finder company to adopt the use of HD multifunctional screens back in the year 2008.

Positively speaking, Lowrance has an enormous selection of screen sizes and perfect overall options. Also due to their ability to satisfy customers, they have many buyers and many smaller units that are flexible. Their products are flexible and require many professional units though they are quite friendly to work with at any time.

What could be the differing features of Garmin and Lowrance?

If you keenly look at the general features of Garmin fish finder vs lowrance fish finder, you will agree with us that their features are almost identical. Among the two, you will not fail to find traditional sonar, down scan, CHIRP, side imaging, GPS units that contains some maps and the multi-panel displays.

Even with the above simple similarity, we cannot, however, fail to deduce some differences in terms of features.

Bearing in mind that Garmin fish finder company has few units, it appears to be less complicated. Its units range between 4-9 inches. Units of Garmin that range between 4-5 inches only provides CHIRP as well as ClearVu, which is typically similar to down imaging.

Units of 7-9 inch come together with SideVu. In a normal sense, the GPS of Garmin technology is highly accurate and allows you to create your maps very easily. Even with the fact that you can create your map, Garmin does not work well with map software. It requires you to depend on waypoint entirely than pre-made trails.

On the other hand, Lowrance provides a ton of features. Their features vary between 4-16 inches with a deviation feature in every size up to the inch number 7. Usually, the range contains no new additional aspects in all units that go beyond 7 inches. For all units in Lowrance, they come with a down imaging and a CHIRP whiles the big once contains side imaging among other features.

The interfaces of Lowrance are on the button, but you always get touchscreen in the bigger, higher-end models.

Which is easy to use Garmin or Lowrance?

Generally, Garmin and Lowrance provide large competent units. Ideally, not a single person wants to keep on perusing pages of manuals in an attempt to learn how products from these two companies operate. The two brands allow users to turn them, attach to other accessories, and easily learn how to operate them.

Many people associate, when fish finder is concerned, they associate Lowrance brand with ease of use and more flexibility.

What is the Price difference of Garmin fish finder vs Lowrance fish finder?

Apart from workability and availability, the next thing people do consider when selecting fish finder is the price tag. If your boat is costly, then you are past consideration of fish finder prices. On the other hand, if the price is of great concern to you, keep reading to learn more.


Garmin is widely known to have a high price tag compared to Lowrance. Even though the price is seemingly high, many people consider it affordable due to the features that come with it. If you are that person, who would prefer to work with a fish finder that assures you of quality work even though at a higher price, then Garmin should be your option.


Lowrance offers a chance for customers to buy fish finder as per their pocket weight. They have expensive models and cheap models as well. Additional, cheaper models are offered on premium services features something that makes them common among people who have a concern on the price tag.

Best models selection between Garmin and Lowrance

As far as Garmin fish finder and Lowrance fish finder are concerned, the following are the best models you can find in the market.


Affordable Hook 4x

Elite 5-Ti


Striker Plus 4cv

Striker Plus 7sv


Finally, is it Garmin or Lowrance that makes the best option for fish finder? The choice is yours.

Like you can see, the two are quite competitive and similar, but deep, in reality, Lowarance forms the best option.

Make your best choice today and enjoy your fish finder experience.

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