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How to Install a Fish Finder on a Kayak

Kayaks are great for fishing. They will allow you to reach areas that other boats simply can't go in. Those shallow water fishing spots are often the most productive. A great way to increase your chances of landing a fish is by adding a fish finder onto your kayak. Today, we will learn how to install a fish finder on a kayak so that you can improve your fishing ability.

How to Install a Fish Finder on a Kayak

Below you will find several steps that will allow you to mount a fish finder on just about any kayak. Each of these steps s highly important and should be followed correctly. Before you begin the process of installing your new fish finder, take a moment and carefully read the owner's manual that came with it. This will help you get more familiar with your fish finder and it will make the installation process easier. Since each fish finder is different, there may be special instruction that you will need to follow.

Mounting the Transducer

First, you will need to mount the transducer to the bottom of your kayak. Start by flipping your kayak over. This will help make mounting the transducer easier. You will need to find the flattest part of the hull. This area should be next to the scupper hole. This is the strongest part of the hull and the perfect place to mount your transducer. Clean the area using emery cloth which will rough up the area allowing the transducer to mount properly. Once the area is prepared, place the transducer on it and attach it using the silicone-based adhesive of your choice. Allow it to dry for at least 24 hours before putting your kayak back into the water. This will ensure that the transducer is safely mounted to the bottom of your boat and won't come off while fishing.

Installing the Display Unit

Once you have the transducer mounted on the bottom of the kayak, it is time to mount the display unit. Pick an area that you can easily reach. The best place for the display unit will be in front of you. This will allow you to easily reach the unit and it won't get in the way of your paddle or fishing rod. You will need to use the mounting brackets that come with the fish finder. Also, you may need to drill a hole in the kayak so that you can attach the mounting bracket. Every fish finder is different so make sure to read the installation instructions which can be found in the owner's manual. Depending on the unit, you may need to purchase additional items such as rubber grommets or silicone adhesive to help seal up any holes that you will have to make.

Now that you know how to install a fish finder on a kayak, why not put one on your vessel? Not only will it better your odds of catching large fish, but it will also make your life much easier!

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