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How to Mount a Fish Finder

Do you want a fish finder on your boat but are struggling with the idea of mounting one? If so you are not alone! Many fishermen struggle with how to mount a fish finder. Luckily today we are going to learn several different ways that you can mount a fish finder on your vessel of choice.

Choosing a Mounting Style

As we have learned above there are several different ways to mount a fish finder on your boat. Below we are going to focus on three of the most common mounting options. Depending on your personal style one of these options may be right for you.

Gimbal Mounts

This is a really easy way to install a fish finder. Gimbal mounts do not require much effort, and they can nicely fit just about anywhere you want them too. By mounting your fish finder on a gimbal it will give you lots of flexibility. You will be able to turn your fish finder around so that you can view it from different locations on your boat. All you need to mount a gimbal onto your boat is a drill and screwdriver. Simply choose a location for the gimbal, mark the holes, and carefully drill them out. Next, all you have to do is install the mounting bolts and tighten them into place.

Ram Mounts

For those that don't have a lot of space in your boat, a ram mount just might be perfect for you. When you are wondering how to mount a fish finder keep this in mind. Ram mounts are also very easy to install and you do not need a lot of tools to get the job done right. The process of mounting a ram mount is the same as a gimbal mount. Simply mark your holes, drill them out, and install the bolts. Ram mounts help secure your fish finder while still being able to move it around. While you won't have the flexibility of a gimbal, you can still move a ram mounted fish finder to meet your needs.

In-Dash Mounts

Depending on the type of fishing boat you have, you may want to go with an in-dash mount. In-dash mounts look very neat and they are out of the way. But keep in mind mounting your fish finder in the dash may require extra tools and knowledge. Most people are not comfortable mounting a fish finder in the dash on their own. It is very easy to crack your dash and other things can go wrong if you don't know what you are doing. When in doubt you should take your boat to a professional, and have them mount the fish finder for you. This will cost a little extra but it will take a lot of burden off your shoulders

In Conclusion

As you can see there are many answers to the question of how to mount a fish finder. Depending on your personal needs and style you may want to choose one of these options. Remember that each option comes with advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to decide which one is right for you.

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